Our last article covered solutions for making drinking water alkaline and mineralized. We also debunked and clarified perspectives on true alkalinity vs. the popularized notion of a high pH number. The top four mistakes made by consumers seeking health-conscious water solutions were further identified. Finally, we addressed how waters’ microfluidic mineralization texture enhanced the body’s desired alkalinity via “structured” intelligence. Our current topic explores novel insights into molecular cell damage (and repair) as metabolic expressions of the body’s natural aging.We explore novel insights into molecular cell damage (and repair) as metabolic expressions of the body’s natural aging process



Flashback! Early pioneering work of Nobel Laureate chemist Paul Boyer [1]  uncovered the revolutionary nano-perspective of ATP’s bioenergetic cellular machinery.

Aging and Oxidative Stress

          Nature’s miraculous technological prowess, as a replicating genetic machine (DNA/RNA) is nonetheless subject to degradation. Many side-effects of aging are irreversible, causing cellular aggregates that form a body’s tissues and organs to slowly atrophy.


          To describe the aging process in three principles, the sequence would entail (1) metabolism or biochemical charge accumulation and transfer, (2) damage or deterioration to this mechanism, and (3) a subsequent pathology or dysfunction within concerned tissue groups and their affiliated organs.


          Life-long accumulation of metabolic damage and subsequent senility cannot and does not (spontaneously) reverse itself. Since damage to cellular integrity underlies a body’s natural aging, the trick to a long life is stretching out and postponing this inevitable deterioration.


Outdated Assumptions

          When micro-tensions build up through oxidative stress to produce free radicals, toxicity in our muscles and organs begins. According to Aubrey De Grey [2] , the SENS Research Foundation's chief science officer, "aging is not a phenomenon of biology at all, it's a phenomenon of physics." De Grey further points out that diseases of old age are actually not diseases at all. They are misinterpreted and misclassified. Diseases are not things that can be cured because they are part of aging itself. The first half of our life cycle is generative, polarizing, and growth oriented. The second half is depolarizing cells and do not regenerate as quickly.


          Medical treatments aimed at neurodegenerative pathologies such as Dementia, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s have failed to correlate oxidative stress and environmental pressures as a source of metabolic damage. By quenching the internal oxidative stress on the muscles, tissues, organs, and bones, the body’s innate intelligence is able to heal itself. Bodily resources no longer required for acute repair activities (metabolic damage) enable optimal health and confidence. By updating our “operating system” with access to more powerful science, traditional understandings about aging can be replaced with more sophisticated ideas such as telomere control. We shall return to this topic shortly. 

Buckminster Fuller Revisited

          Our muscles and skeletal system are always under strain and biological tension of one kind or another. In the 1960’s Buckminster Fuller [3] explored these tensile connections between muscle and bone as the key bio-mechanical feature of human design. Fuller found symmetry is the “language” chemists use every day to reduce tension within molecules and from this he developed a superb new strategy of design-science called Tensional-Integrity, or Tensegrity for short, and was later called Synergetics.


Richard Buckminster Fuller

          Fuller used the geometry first discovered biologically in the genus Radiolaria to architect the geodesic dome. Bucky also predicted that carbon molecules resembling his geodesic domes would be discovered in the future. And he was right.

          Demonstrably similar to diamond and graphite material (also carbon-based), unlike most structures with “weakest” points, spherical structures do not suffer these localized inadequacies and handle environment stress loads (deformation pressures). At the cellular level this reduces mechanical stress, which by similar principle made Fuller’s geodesic domes structurally sound. 

Covalent bonding (above) consist of electrons intimately shared between carbon atoms 

          Fuller’s structural philosophy used tension-compression dynamics similar to respiratory functions (breathing) where surface-volume relations expand and contract through pressure changes. The same stability identified in geodesic domes and C-60 Fullerenes has useful properties in the body (biomechanics). Geometry is a necessary facet of the body’s engineering feats because spherical molecules reduce compression and expansion, thus reducing tension and damage. This viewpoint can be used as an analogy for many processes in the body including the aging process. In very much the same way as we would get rid of rust on a car, taking it in every few years, the body must repair by replacement of cells and expelling toxins in a relative balance.


Scanning electron micrographs of the Co-coated artificial buckyball
mounted on the tomography pin

C-60 Carbon and Innovative Health         

          Numerical surface features of pentagons and hexagons (5-ness and 6-ness) stabilize the now-famous C-60 carbon atom (or Fullerene) with proven health advantages in longevity studies. Sometimes referred to as the Bucky Ball, C-60 carbon was given to rats as a dietary supplement and they experienced a nearly doubled life expectancy. Anti-oxidant properties that minimize and delay naturally occurring cell damage in organs related to toxin expulsion (liver) were identified as key features.
          Dr. Fathi Moussa [4] , principal author of the C-60 rat study, writes “C-60 fully neutralizes lethal doses of certain toxic chemicals.” Moreover, it has been learned that C-60 has the following specific properties:
1. to absorb and depotentiate mutagenic UV-light

2. to quench free radicals like a sponge

3. to offer superior antioxidant protection due to material science strengths (i.e. similarity to diamond-graphite)

4. to protect against telomere shortening, thus enhancing DNA replication accuracy

5. to offer permeability advantages for delivery to and through critical cell membranes and cytoplasmic organelles (mitochondria, ribosomes, nucleus)          

Why are Rats a Labs Best Friend?           

          Measurement of anti-aging in relation to oxidative stress has correlations and conclusions that translate well from rats to humans. For classic experimental reasons, rats are preferred research subjects in laboratories due to their cytochrome-C evolutionary proximity to Homo sapiens. This biological connection via Prosimian rodents as our direct primate ancestor dates back 135 million years. It is of further interest that the highest density of Prosimians is off the East African coast on Madagascar, Earth’s geologically oldest island. 


Graceful Aging - Stretching Metabolic Time           

          The presence of anti-oxidants lowers the incidence of age-related diseases by stretching out or delaying natural deterioration processes where structures become brittle and subject to breakage, particularly in bones. The buffering of oxidative stress caused by modern-day food preparations (saturated fats in the diet) is essential to maintaining cellular flexibility. Given the dominant character of cellular intelligence as a “well-oiled machine” of fat and lipid confluence, evidence of C-60’s localized membrane protection seems logical and appropriate. 


          Though not encoded with genetic information, telomeres have been likened to the plastic tip-ends of shoe laces, thus ensuring crisp and clear instructions that weave a healthy cell-division process.
          Live Longer Labs now offer a C-60 product. The product line includes C60live Avocado and C60live Coconut oils, all cold-pressed for maximum lignans and each 2 oz bottle includes 46 mg of pure C60 molecule. 
          We hope this update has been inspirational. At Vera Vita, we are motivated to understand and assist with the latest advances in health, while eliminating unnecessary complexity from product information. As always, your feedback is encouraged.


World’s most efficient known free radical scavenger is C60 fullerene All organic monomolecular 99% pure C60, suspended in organic coconut oil. 34...

1. Boyer, Paul D. New insights into one of nature's remarkable catalysts, the ATP synthase. Molecular Cell. 8: 246-7. PMID 11545726 DOI: 10.1016/S1097-2765(01)00315-X

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4. Baati T, et al., The prolongation of the lifespan of rats by repeated oral administration of [60] fullerene, Biomaterials (2012),

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